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Washington to Cairo


Tue, 10 Dec - Tue, 4 Feb
1 stop · 56-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Alexandria


Wed, 4 Sep - Wed, 18 Sep
1 stop · 14-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Dubai


Mon, 6 Jan - Fri, 31 Jan
1 stop · 25-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Abu Dhabi


Tue, 2 Jul - Mon, 9 Sep
1 stop · 69-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Khartoum


Thu, 29 Aug - Thu, 31 Oct
1 stop · 63-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Manila


Thu, 24 Oct - Mon, 18 Nov
1 stop · 25-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Jeddah


Fri, 26 Jul - Fri, 9 Aug
Direct · 14-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Riyadh


Mon, 29 Jul - Mon, 26 Aug
Direct · 28-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Addis Ababa


Wed, 4 Dec - Wed, 25 Dec
1 stop · 21-day round trip
change dates
Washington to New Delhi


Mon, 30 Sep - Sun, 29 Dec
1 stop · 90-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Islamabad


Mon, 4 Nov - Sun, 24 Nov
1 stop · 20-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Dammam


Sat, 14 Dec - Sun, 19 Jan
1 stop · 36-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Kuala Lumpur


Sun, 11 Aug - Sun, 25 Aug
1 stop · 14-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Kuwait


Sun, 15 Dec - Fri, 10 Jan
1 stop · 26-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Istanbul


Thu, 29 Aug - Sat, 7 Sep
1 stop · 9-day round trip
change dates
Washington to London


Fri, 1 Nov - Mon, 18 Nov
1 stop · 17-day round trip
change dates
Washington to Casablanca


Mon, 8 Jul - Fri, 2 Aug
1 stop · 25-day round trip
change dates
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Saudia Flight Sv897 Bengaluru-Jeddah

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Flying experience Saudia Flight Sv897 BENGALURU-RIYADH-JEDDAH REG:HZ-AQI DATE:06 MARCH 2015 SEAT 32A.

saudi arabian airlines boeing 747 TF-AAE (SV729) Lahore to jeddah Part 3

iabdurrahman·  26 March 2014·   9904 views

saudi arabian airlines boeing 747 TF-AAE (SV729) Lahore to jeddah Part 3 seat number 32A take off.

Saudi airline flight SV-738 Landing at Lahore

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This is a comprehensive Review of Saudi Arabian Airlines Airbus A320-200 from Milan Malpensa Airport to Jeddah Airport featuring their Business Class cabin.

Saudi Arabian Boeing 777-300er taxi in Manila

Marco Mastrocinque·  2 January 2016·   2807 views

Saudia B77W HZ-AK14 Taxi in Manila from Jeddah and ready to back in Jeddah, 7 August 2015.

NEW Saudi Airlines 773 Approach and Super Quick Taxi to Parking Test Flight.

OwnsGermany·  16 August 2013·   29231 views

8/15/2013 Saudi Airlines newest 777-300ER HZ-AK18 returns from a 3 hour test flight routed KPAE-KMWH-KPAE.

Review: Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777 Long Haul Business Class to Jakarta

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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of Saudia's B777-300 Business Cabin from Jeddah Airport (JED) to Jakarta Airport (CGK) featuring their Business Class ...

Saudia | A330-300 | Hyderabad, India (Rajiv Gandhi) ✈ Jeddah | Business Class |

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Carrier: Saudia Airbus: A330-300 Registration: HZ-AQK (Delivered October 2013) Flight: SV755 Hyderabad, India (Rajiv Gandhi) - Jeddah (KAIA) Runway: ...

saudi arabian airlines boeing 747 TF-AAE (SV729) Lahore to jeddah part 1 landing seat number 32A

iabdurrahman·  26 March 2014·   1057 views

night landing at king abdul aziz international airport jeddah.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Experience SV 816 Jeddah to Jakarta B777-300ER (HZ-AK24)

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A flight review of Saudi Arabian Airlines' regular flight from Jeddah(JED) - Jakarta(CGK) with Boeing 777-300ER Flight Details: Departure date - 25 September ...

Saudi Flight 763 Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 Crash Animation

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Saudia’s SURPRISING Business Class: A Review, A320, Rome to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Tip jar: (all money goes towards paying for MORE content!) Special thanks to my incredible $5+ Patrons: DL James Joe Pantry ...

Saudi Airlines | Airbus A330-300 | Flight Review: (KRT) to (JED) | SV454.

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Flight information :- Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines. Aircraft: Airbus A330-343R. Registration: HZ-AQ13. Seat: 38L. Date: 7 Aug 2018. Depart: Khartoum. Arrival: ...

Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Experience SV817 Jakarta to Jeddah B777-300ER

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A flight review of Saudi Arabian Airlines flight from Jakarta (CGK) to Jeddah (JED) with Boeing B777-300ER Flight Details : Flight Number - SV817 Departure ...

Saudia | 777-300ER | Jeddah ✈ Dubai, UAE | Economy |

Zuhair Farouk·  13 October 2018·   19702 views

Carrier: Saudia Boeing: 777-300ER Registration: HZ-AK18 (Delivered August 2013) Flight: SV588 Jeddah (KAIA) - Dubai, UAE Runway: Departure 34L and ...



SAUDIA A330-300 Flight Review: Hyderabad to Jeddah SV755 [HD]

Flying with us·  8 October 2015·   113067 views

Hello Everyone !! Welcome back to my another Flight Review. The aircraft I got today is HZ-AQF the same aircraft I got few months ago! The meal on this flight ...

SAUDIA A320 Flight Review: Al Baha to Dammam SV1714

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Hello Everyone!! This was my first flight from Al Baha to Dammam. This was an amazing flight :) I had a connecting flight from Dammam to Hyderabad. Be sure to ...

Saudi Arabian Airlines A320-200 Hail to Riyadh

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The 55 minute flight begins at HAS as the new A320 makes its way to the runway and takes off due south towards Riyadh where some interesting sights can be ...

Saudia Airlines First Class - Is it Sam Chui approved?

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Video of my flight on Saudia B777-300/ER from London to Riyadh in First Class. A visit to Al Fursan First Class Lounge in Riyadh and flying a new A330-300 to ...

Saudi Arabian Airlines B777-300ER From London Heathrow Approach/Landing Riyadh (RUH)

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Saudi airline 777 300 from London Heathrow to Riyadh with great landing,

saudi arabian airlines boeing 747 TF-AAE (SV729) Lahore to jeddah Part 5 seat number 32A

iabdurrahman·  26 March 2014·   1037 views

above clouds turbulance... beautiful view.

Government of Saudi Arabia! A318+A319CJ Landing and Takeoff at Hamburg for G20! [Full HD]

PlaneSpottingBerlin Aviation Videos·  30 July 2017·   1477 views

Planespotting Hamburg G20 2017: Government of Saudi Arabia! Saudi Royal Flight A318-100CJ (HZ-AS99) and Sky Prime Airbus A319CJ (HZ-SKY4) Landing ...

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About Saudi Airlines Saudia

Saudia was previously known as Saudi Arabian Airlines has emerged as a global airline over the past 73 years. Saudia is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah serves as their main operational base, while the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh and King Fahd International Airport in Dammam is used as secondary hubs. Saudia’s domestic and international flights cover over 85 destinations across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Saudia’s international charter flights operate exclusively during the holy month of Ramadan and the Hajj Season.

In 1945, the U.S president Franklin Roosevelt gifted a Douglas DC-3 to King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud to mark Saudi’s civil aviation development, after which the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made a historic purchase of two additional DC-3s which set a strong foundation for the growth of the Saudi Airlines fleet. Kandara, the downtown area of the city of Jeddah served as the initial main base. As part of the initial operation, special flights for pilgrims between Lydda, Palestine, and Hajj were operational. Two decades after the foundation Saudia introduced B720-Bs into service Saudia then became the first Middle Eastern Airline to operate commercial jetliners. Adnan Akbar who is known as the “Saint Laurent of the Middle East” designed the new female flight attendant uniforms which featured a sand-coloured fuselage with contrasting dark blue tailfin. A special unit of Saudia is flown by the Royal Saudi Air Force for the royal family and government agencies in order to support Saudi Official activities.

SkyTeam was founded in June 2000 has 19 members who collectively carry over 630 million passengers each year reaching over 1150 destinations. SkyTeam alliance and its members have 750 lounges worldwide. Passengers can access privileges based on the status of the member airline's frequent flyer program. SkyTeam has two frequent flyer program tiers which are Elite and Elite Plus are linked with the status of the airline membership programs.

Arab Air Carriers Organisation is a non-political non-profit organisation in Beirut, Lebanon. The organization was set up upon the recommendation of the Transport Committee of the League of Arab States. With its main goal to promote cooperation, quality and safety standards they offer industry course in various aviation management programs and training in Human Resources which help airlines achieve in their training budgets among the Arab airlines. International Civil Aviation Organization signed an agreement with AACO that the airlines will have 0% growth of their emissions by 2020.

First Millennium President’s Award 2000 for across-the-board services for Special Needs passengers. Saudia’s Loyalty program, Alfursan won the 2015 Freddie Award for Up and Coming Program of the Year, Middle East & Asia/Oceania Airlines.

Class of Travel
Customers can choose from four classes when travelling with Saudia:
Saudia First Suite - Saudia offers its private suites with comfortable beds, HD screen and an onboard chef for meals on demand.
First Class - Saudia’s First class seats have adjustable headrests with a recline option which provides guests comfort onboard.
Business Class - Saudia’s Business class seats are equipped for relaxation and work on the go. Recliner seats and fully flat bed with ample legroom allows travellers to be at ease.
Guest Class/Economy - Saudia’s Economy class have wider seats than any other airlines which provide comfort and luxury.
Note - Onboard overnight kits are provided to all flyers for personal care and children under 12 are given a special bag with books and games for their entertainment.

Baggage Allowance
Saudia allows free baggage allowance with the specification with regard to the number of bags, dimensions & weight of baggage per piece and class of travel. Saudia allows travellers to carry 1 gallon of Zamzam from the Sogia factory. Check baggage regulations and specifications here.

Frequent Flyer Program
Alfursan loyalty program which offers excess luggage allowance, personalized luggage tags and a priority waiting list, passengers can have access to a variety of personalized services and can choose from a host of exciting offers, rewards, and range of selected services such as car rental companies, credit card organization and world-class hotels.

In-flight Services
Passengers can choose movies in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German Dubs and many video games are offered for Kids entertainment. Skysales channel is an onboard electronic mall experience where passengers can order items from and have them delivered to their home. Passengers can choose from a wide range of magazines, local and international newspapers on board. Islamic content from videos to audio is also available in addition to the recitation of the Holy Quran in full. Passengers can access the entertainment section on their own personal devices by downloading the Saudia SkyFi. Saudia’s Airbus A330 flights were one of the first in the world to have onboard Wifi services. Passengers onboard can choose from the tasty five-star meals prepped combining the art of haute cuisine with the science of food technology. Saudia Catering has the strictest standards of food safety and hygiene. Check Saudia’s sample menu here.

Domestic Flights - Passengers can check-in online 48 hrs to 1 hrs prior to the scheduled departure time.
International Flights - Passengers can check-in online 48 hrs to 1.5 hrs prior to the scheduled departure time.

Onboard services
Saudia, the national airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made travelling hassle-free for everyone including their blind, autistic special needs passengers, thus staying true to their slogan “Welcome to your world”. Most of Saudis aircraft have specialized prayer areas onboard. Saudia introduced reading the material in Braille for blind passengers. Read more about regulations regarding travelling with children here. For the transportation of pets, passengers can read the guidelines here.

Refund & Cancellation
Passengers can cancel their booking either through SAUDIA sales’ offices or SAUDIA website before or during the refund process to avoid the No-Show Penalty Fee. Passengers can cancel reservations at Saudia’s main page and submit a refund request claim.

Note - Not all fares are refundable and if in doubt check with SAUDIA's reservation department.

Address: King Abdulaziz road and Alrawdah street
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
Call Center: From KSA: 920022222 From outside KSA: +966 2 686 1238