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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur or KL to Asian residents truly is an Asian city, with towering skyscrapers and modern shopping malls, just around the corner of historical temples and traditional markets. Eating, shopping and nightlife is the obvious choice of activities for most but don't overlook the many parks and heritage centers outside the city area, for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. More on this destination >


Pulau Penang, is the go to destination for island living with its abundant beaches and delicious local dishes. Though beach attire and an appetite is a must have to bring along, don't forget your walking shoes because serendipity would be the best word to describe your explorations as you find yourself in the midst of Penang’s colorful heritage. More on this destination >


With its most popular destination Pulau Langkawi, many travelers overlook the natural beauty of the rest of this state. Though no one can blame you for losing a few days or weeks on Pulau Langkawi's sandy beaches; the road less travelled might just be that exotic holiday you are looking for. From treetop walks, marine parks to river cruises, Kedah's cultivated landscape is postcard perfect. More on this destination >


Ocean deep, mountain high, the perfect way to describe Sabah. With the mighty Mt. Kinabalu to trek and the reefs of Sipadan to explore, you'd think these would be enough natural treasures for any one destination to have but the land has much more to offer including a tropical rain forest with more flora and fauna that you can imagine. With so many treasures to explore, make sure you pack for a few weeks. More on this destination >


Perak is a one stop destination for any traveler. Whether you just want to laze around at a spa followed by a dip in the hot spring, or cross through a cave followed by a trek in the jungle or just a nice relaxing round of golf. Perak has it all and everything else that you expect from Malaysia. Good food, great destination. More on this destination >


While Terengganu offers as much a picturesque view as any other state in Malaysia, artistic heritage is what lies between its pristine beaches and marine life. From the traditional handmade batik to kain songket, you can really get a taste of the traditional kampong (village) living. Don’t forget to drop in to the fishing village where the boats are handmade and the seafood is fresh from the sea. More on this destination >