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Wellness Tourism – a very healthy niche segment

There was a time when going on holiday meant splashing out and indulging in ways reserved for rewarding ourselves for working so hard. READ MORE

Touring for turtles in Australia’s north

Bundaberg, in Queensland’s north, is known mainly for its sugarcane harvest and the rather famous bi-product of that, Bundaberg Rum. If you want to go local and try a 'Bundy-and-coke' then the distillery is probably worth a visit but this family is m READ MORE
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Travel: Why you should throw away your itinerary

I love travel. I eat, breathe, sleep and consume every aspect of it. But what I hate, my friends, is the pressure of two things: travel itineraries and a companion who MUST stick by one. The crushing burden of ticking off a list and seeing this fount READ MORE

7 reasons to plan a family holiday in The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands could well be the next Fiji. Solomon Islanders are friendly, welcoming, great with kids – and the pl...
Travel Snapshot

From Google to solo motorbike rider through India

I was rather transfixed when I read 'Long Way Round' in 2004 which documented the journey by motorbike of Ewan McGregor...
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Wego, redesigned for iPhone iOS 7

We’ve been overwhelmed by the speed in which travellers everywhere have adopted Wego’s travel app, available free for bo...
Stories From The Philippines

A strange fish

Another finalist in the 'Wego Life-changing Travel Stories from the Philippines' competition, Edwin Castillon takes us u...